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Learn the psychology behind why a client makes a decision through eight closing principles that you can apply to close sales every time! Understand how to respond to situations such as, I’ll think about it, it’s too expensive and I’m looking at your competition and tap into a hidden power behind your communication that positively impacts your message!

Overview of the key elements that need to be instilled in the mind of the decision maker, influencers and users of the product you are selling.

Psychology of Closing - Understand the psychology of why someone will buy and what is needed to create and establish a platform of trust, which reinforces a comfort level to your client, that it's good to make the decision to move forward!

Closing without closing – Understand the critical elements that need to be incorporated into every interaction and how to ensure you have established enough trust that enables your client to make the decision to move forward!

Learn how to close the sale, using techniques that simplify the decision, by narrowing down the options for your client!

Understand why your client is calling you back and how to trigger a response that gets you back in the game!

Learn and apply new creative ways to close business that is in your sales forecast or business funnel. Learn new techniques that enable you to dig deeper and ascertain the real reason your client is stalling on a decision!

Sales professionals tend to receive fewer objections than the average sales performer. Understand why that is and learn techniques and skills that ensure you will always receive fewer objections and move the sale forward when you do answer them!

Throughout every stage of the sales process you're going to get objections so learn how to respond to an objection and more importantly how to answer the objection so your answer becomes the reason for moving forward!

Learn the three powerful words that will turn a conversation around and how and when to incorporate them into your client response so that you naturally transition into moving the sale forward!

Learn how to respond to objections such as; ‘I’ll think about it,’ ‘it’s too expensive,’ or I’m considering your competition and how you can change the base of thought so your client feels good about making the decision to move forward!

The advanced and up-to-date selling skills and strategies are presented in their simplest form, offering you the ability to quickly and easily achieve the tremendous rewards that professional selling has to offer without having to learn the hard way. My goal is for you to work smarter-not harder and immediately gain from the knowledge I have gleaned from the thousands of sales calls and presentations I have made, the hundreds of books I’ve read, audio books I’ve listened to and sales seminars I’ve attended. The content of this sales training offers a perfect blend of fresh, thought provoking and effective techniques from the award-winning book “The Sales Pro” and international best selling book “The Go-Giver”. 
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