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Lessons you will learn:

BODY LANGUAGE: Whether you're presenting an idea, negotiating a deal, handling an objection or having a meeting your body language plays a key role in your overall success. Learn how to identify the subtle gestures of your buyer that indicate whether they have “brought in” to what you have said. Understand how to subconsciously connect to your buyer and pull them towards you without them even knowing. You’ll learn how to sit, stand and alter your body language to control conversations, persuade and influence the person you are talking to-and you don’t even have to say a word!

SENSORY SYSTEM DIALOGUE: Increase the effectiveness of your communication! When you utilize sensory system dialogue you connect with a different part of the brain that enables your ability to speed the process of building rapport and immediately connect with your client. Learn what words to incorporate into your conversation in order to match your communication to that of your client so they naturally feel pulled towards you!

BUILDING RAPPORT: Pulling your client to you! Rapport is an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you are talking to. Learn how to effectively communicate and achieve immediate connection with your client so they know, like and trust you!

SALES CYCLE PERSONALITY: Match sales cycle! Increase results! Sales pros utilize their character traits to their advantage. Learn how to ensure you tap into the hidden power of your personality and achieve the results faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible!

This course is going to change the way you look at people. It's going to change the way you communicate with people and it's going to change the way you think about everything! Our psychology of selling course is going to give you the ability for you to understand how somebody else is thinking as you're talking to them. That's what body language is all about. So part of this course is giving you the ability to look at the signals, looking at the micro expressions, the gestures of people, whether you know how they're sitting and what that means if they are facing a certain way, which way their feet are pointing.

Once you start to take in some of those elements, you start to change the direction of your conversation and you start to close more sales because you've hit on things that you may have missed. That's why sometimes you may think you've had the most amazing interaction with someone and you walk away and they never call you back. You're thinking it's a done deal and you never hear from them again. Could have been a mannerism, could have been a gesture you missed, could have been that you missed something completely. That's what I want to show you so that you don't miss those signals and signs anymore. And more importantly, you reinforce the right gestures that attract people towards you. Body language is critical. Remember, your actions speak louder than words and 90% of what is being communicated aren't the words, it's how you're saying them, the tone of your voice, and it's the way you are interacting in terms of your body language.

So I want to reinforce in this course that you have an understanding of all of that, which is exactly what you're going to get. It's going to change your world. You are going to have the ability to build rapport and understand more about sensory system connection by having conversations with people that connect more to what's linked to their subconscious brain. So you can start to match those words or the element of what's behind those words. Welcome to a course again that I believe is going to change your life in a very, very, very positive way. And that change of life is going to lead to closing more sales and closing more sales is going to lead to more money in your bank. Welcome to the world of the psychology of selling good selling to you.
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