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Organizing and Prioritizing Your Time

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Welcome to a course that is critical for you to get right.

What you will learn:
EFFICIENT VERSUS EFFECTIVE!: Understanding the difference between an efficient day or sales call versus an effective day or sales call can re-direct your trajectory and ensure you are fully focused on achievement! Learn what the top performing sales people focus on and how to incorporate the elements into your day!

SALES REVENUE TARGETS!: Learn how to ensure you have a consistent focus on your sales revenue target and how to break your target down into manageable time frames that re-instill focus, increase your closing creativity and enable goal achievement to be met before your company expectations!

GOALS!: Understanding the structure and winning mindset for achieving your personal goals is a critical part of the process for not just becoming an over achiever in sales but life over achiever too! Learn the thought structure that ensures your activity focus is aligned with your life goal expectations!

-How to organizing your time
-How to focus on how effective you are, not just how efficient you are
-How to make sure that you set goals and that they're realistic and you put a time based on them to be able to move yourself forward towards those goals
-How to reinforce your ability to make sure that your activity is giving you the rewards that you are needing to give yourself the ability to have more presentations, to close more sales and earn more money.

That is exactly what I want you doing. There's a huge difference between efficiency and effectiveness. I want you to be more effective. I don't care how many calls you're doing. If you're not getting the appointments that you need from those calls, then you may be efficient, but you're not being very effective.
I want you to start to measure that and that's exactly what we give you in this course.

-How do you measure your effectiveness?
-How do you reinforce that you're focused on the effectiveness of everything that you're incorporating into your day and into your weekend, into your month, and then more importantly, how are you breaking your month, your year?
-How are you breaking your goal down so that you're constantly "on" and reinforcing what's needed to continue to move yourself forward so that you don't get to the end of the month or quarter with only a couple of days to go to hit your quota and you're way off.

We want to see you bringing business in, I want to see you raise your standard and exceed your goals.
Because when you start incorporating the skills and techniques and strategies that are within this whole program, this whole course, all the other courses we have, you are absolutely going to be excited to be able to go out and just keep on making more calls.

So remember it's about effectiveness, not efficiency. That's what you'll find in this course is about focusing on setting yourself realistic targets so that you break down your target that the company may want you to have or that even incorporated for yourself. And you start to maneuver what activities you have to do to reinforce and instill that consistency towards achieving that target that's going to get you to goal. And more importantly, getting the results you're after. And when you start do that and you start to set goals for yourself, there's an absolute template that is within this course that you can download that reinforces your ability to be really focused on the goals that you have in your life and being serious about the goals you have in your life by mapping out what the timeframe is that you want.

This is about your ability from both a character standpoint and a discipline standpoint to support and motivate yourself to consistently move yourself forward towards those sales that are going to absolutely be closed when you start to incorporate and interact with people. So welcome to a course that is all about organizing yourself and prioritizing and focusing correctly in the right area. And welcome to world of closing more sales in the future. Good selling to you.
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